Central Network

The IT-department will provide each student of the Hochschule Mannheim a central access to the university network. With the environment everyone gets a username (the student number without a leading zero) and an initial password.

With the given information you can use the following services: E-Mail Account 


Important Information:

  • Computer pool rooms (in the 4th and 5th floor of the H building)
  • Account with a central disk space of 500 MB
  • Wi-Fi and external access to the university network via VPN client
  • Lernplattform Moodle for your courses / lectures (access to learning content and lecture notes, etc.)
  • POS (PrüfungsOrganisationsSystem) for access to your test results and your account (and other services like printing your enrolment certificate)

Getting Started

To change the central password for the HS Mannheim, follow the following steps:

  • Go to the Homepage
  • Select „Passwortänderung“
  • Type in your username and the initialpassword
  • With both of your e-mail adresses you can view your data by clicking on "Viewing Your Data"

In case you have further questions, you can ask for help in the office in building H, 5th floor.


The website for the student e-mail is Here
If you want to use POP3 or IMAP, you can find detailed instructions on the homepage of Campus IT (CIT)

Lernplattform Moodle

The learning platform of the Hochschule Mannheim is moodle. There, you can sign up with your central user ID.
Also a lot of information from lectures, such as Laboratory documents, exercises, etc. are provided.


To use the wireless network at the college with personal devices, you need either a VPN client or the report to the university network HS-MA with your central user identification. Information about software installation and the availability can be found Here

Access to the Computer Pool in 4th and 5th Floor of Building H

You automatically have access to the computer rooms of the HS Mannheim. Just log in with your username and your password (see Getting Started).

All of the data that you save on the drive G: stores (Home directory) can be accessed outside the computer lab (see central disk space).

Access to the Network Drive

Information about File services can be found here

Capacity: 500 MB

Access at: \\samba.hs-mannheim.de\“Matrikelnummer“

Authentication: Central Username and Password

Instructions, Manuals and FAQs

On the homepage of the data center you can find detailed instructions. For further questions and problems you can contact the user support on 5th floor of the skyscraper (building H).

Student licenses - Software

Using student licenses, you can obtain most of the Microsoft products for free, including operating systems (Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10) or server and software development programs (eg Windows Server 2008, Visual Studio, Visual SourceSafe or MS SQL Server 2000). But these do not include Microsoft Office products such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. However, these currently cost €3,99 per year and can be purchased through the website of the university or data center.

You can register here on the page of the Faculty.

For Windows Office 365 click here:

From this semester on, MatLab Simulink is also included for free for all students of the Faculty E. For more information, contact the office on 5th Floor, building H.

Prüfungs-Organisations-System - POS

Here you can see your grades at the end of each semester. You also have the option to print your certificate of enrolment and all your stored personal data.
In Basic Study and Main Study period, this portal can be used for registration and deregistration of examinations.


Here you can browse the media inventory of the library and pre-media. Furthermore, you have the possibility via eWebPAC to download several books as e-books.
Here, it must be noted that the login for students with the Enrolment Number is with two leading zeros, e.g.: 001234567
You may use at any time, the University Library. But if you want to borrow something or use the lockers you there, you have to apply in advance an extra guest ID required at university.

Scholarships and grants

At the Hochschule Mannheim, there is the possibility for you to apply for scholarships and study grants.
Contact Prof. Beck for questions about this topic (see professors). Here you can find information in advance.

Our Tipp:

Applying never hurts. And try applying for Mannheimer - Mittelstand-Stipendium. The chances to get such a scholarship with average grades are very good!

Multifunctional smartcard of Hochschule Mannheim / semester ticket

The smart card for students contains the following functions:

  • library ID Card
  • payment at the cafeteria
  • access to various rooms in the Hochschule
  • payment at the Copiers in the Campus
  • printing with “FollowMe Printing”

The validity imprint for the student ID card can be printed at one of the self-service stations in the lobby of the student service center after the card has been issued or at the beginning of each semester. (building H on the 1st floor and building L on the ground floor).

The loss of the student ID card must be reported immediately, stating the matriculation to the data center. You can do this

  1. in person in building H Room 114
  2. by e-mail to hscard@hs-mannheim.de

The card will be blocked afterwards.
If you lose the card, you get a replacement for your student card for a fee of €15 in the data center (building H, room 218).
From WS 14/15 on, it is no longer possible to print the semester ticket on the university smart card. The semester ticket must be purchased separately. The semester ticket can be purchased online or at the following outlet:

Mannheim – Innenstadt
N1 Stadthaus (Paradeplatz)
RNV Kundenzentrum Mannheim
Tel.: 0621465-4444

Or at all DB offices in the Region, e.g.: in Hauptbahnhof Mannheim.

Registering for Exams

You have to register for the exams yourselves in the POS.

The registration time for the exams is approximately from the 10th week till the end of 14th week after the start of lectures for a semester (for exact dates: here). Failing to register in this time frame results in a candidate not appearing for the exam.
Deregistration for an Exam can be done till the day before the exam. That means one has to deregister before 23:59 o'clock on the day before the exam to be successfully deregistered for an exam.