Central Network

IT-Department will provide each student the Hochschule Mannheim a central access to the university network available. With the enrolment everyone gets a username (the student number without a leading zero) and an initial password. With this information you can use the following services: E-Mail Every Student gets automatically, an E-Mail address like: enrollmentnumber@stud.hs-mannheim.de and an Alias (till there are no similarities) like: firstname.lastname@stud.hs-mannheim.de.
Important Info:
- Computer pool rooms are in the 4th and 5th floor of the H building
- Account with a central disk space of 500 MB
- Wi-Fi and external access to the university network via VPN client
- Lernplattform Moodle On the website moodle.hs-mannheim.de you get in touch with on your courses / lectures, to access learning content and lecture notes, etc.
- POS (PrüfungsOrganisationsSystem) On the website noten.hs-mannheim.de you can access your test results and your account to for example print your enrolment certificate.