Multifunctional smartcard of Hochschule Mannheim / semester ticket

The smart card for students contains the following functions:

  • library ID Card
  • payment at the cafeteria
  • access to various rooms in the Hochschule
  • payment at the Copiers in the Campus
  • printing with “FollowMe Printing”

The validity imprint for the student ID card can be printed at one of the self-service stations in the lobby of the student service center after the card has been issued or at the beginning of each semester. (building H on the 1st floor and building L on the ground floor).

The loss of the student ID card must be reported immediately, stating the matriculation to the data center. You can do this

  1. in person in building H Room 114
  2. by e-mail to

The card will be blocked afterwards.
If you lose the card, you get a replacement for your student card for a fee of €15 in the data center (building H, room 218).
From WS 14/15 on, it is no longer possible to print the semester ticket on the university smart card. The semester ticket must be purchased separately. The semester ticket can be purchased online or at the following outlet:

Mannheim – Innenstadt
N1 Stadthaus (Paradeplatz)
RNV Kundenzentrum Mannheim
Tel.: 0621465-4444

Or at all DB offices in the Region, e.g.: in Hauptbahnhof Mannheim.