Hochschule Mannheim and AStA welcome you to our prestigious university of applied sciences

We, the Students’ Union, and some fellow students will be helping you on your arrival in Mannheim. One of our team members will be there at Mannheim train or bus station on the day of your arrival to welcome you and to escort you to your room or your hostel. The person who will be picking you up from Mannheim Railway or Bus Station will be assigned to you individually after the confirmation of your room and after you provide us with your arrival details. It would be convenient for us if you could give us the exact details of your arrival, with your flight details, time of arrival in Frankfurt and your arrival in Mannheim as early as possible. Good provision of information from both sides is helpful in completing the formalities regarding your room before your arrival.

Important for you to know is that if your room is not free on your arrival or if you decide to come a little early, then you may have to stay at a hostels or hotels or somewhere else before your room contract starts. In that case our helpers can either take you to the youth hostel or a hotel if you have booked one.

You need to meet your picker upper at Mannheim Central Station. One of our helpers (we will let you know who they are) will be standing outside the main entrance of the train station. If you want, they can also meet you at some other place in Mannheim, but you will need to inform us where before your arrival. Since there is free wifi at Mannheim Central Station, if you do not yet have a German phone number, you can communicate with us via Facebook / E-Mail / WhatsApp or whatever your picker upper has decided on. It is really important to establish contact with your picker upper before your arrival. If you have any questions or queries or anything, feel free to ask us and contact us. And remember to let us know your exact plan for arrival before time so that we can complete the necessary formalities. We are looking forward to seeing you soon in Mannheim and we wish you a safe journey to Mannheim.

Kind Regards

International Affairs

Student Union Hochschule Mannheim